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  • GoodChat. The best videos for social change in Australia.

  • Our background is in storytelling. We’re not latching onto the latest buzz word here, it’s where we’ve come from. Foundations in journalism, screenwriting and advocacy have made us obsessed with the anatomy of a good story … but we are also film geeks who love a good cut and the magic of lighting. We fuss over the little things you feel but might not notice, to ensure your stories come to life with natural warmth and humanity.

Fast Growing

We started because we saw a need that wasn't being met by traditional agencies. Success came on quicker than we expected. So we're on the lookout for talent. Our standards are high, and the criteria somewhat particular. That said, no matter the discipline, if you've got an eye for shared human experience, and never lose sight of your empathy for your audience, we'd love to hear from you.

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